Stuart Fishing Tackle
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Roller Guides

Attractive patented one-piece aero marine grade aluminum frames anodized to military specifications. Avery generous knot clearance is built in to every size guide. The double roller guide, designed wider for stand up rods and wide reels. Rollers are recessed into the frame so line has no chance of coming off the roller and being pinched.

All components of the running gear of the guides are stainless steel. The stainless roller and shaft never make contact with the frame as two ultraviolet protected form fitted non-conductive self-lubricated side plates supports them. All screws have a high torque adhesive nylon patch applied to the threads. In the heaviest of vibration, these screws stay tight. Gold sets are assembled with a Kevlar PTFE bearings that are water lubricated.

Available in Silver, Black & Gold Finish Frame # Description A11 tallest single guide A22 tallest single guide A33 tallest single guide A44 shortest guide DD double roller guide

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